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    Ultra Flexible, Versatile
    Flat, Integrateable,  
    Beautiful Light
    Discount Value
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    Application Uses
    VynEL™ Opens The Door For Many Possibilities
    Accent Lighting
    Stage Performances
    Safety & Outdoor Gear
    Costumes & Wearable Applications

World's Most Versatile Light!

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VynEL is a fantastic light that has millions of applicational uses. From wearables to wall decals, car wraps to bottle stickers, there has never been more opportunity to put light ANYWHERE. 

About VynEL


VynEL was designed with the Wearables market in mind; it's flexible substrates take on nearly any shape.


VynEL is best used with Tinko, an App enabled inverter specifically tuned for VynEL.

Cuttable Light

VynEL is one of the only lights on the planet that's actually cuttable with household scissors.


VynEL can be customized to nearly any size or shape.



What's Unique About VynEL™

VynEL™ is a fascinating new lighting technology that derives from EL Panels, or  Electroluminescent Panels. The flexible nature of VynEL™ makes it exciting for many upcoming technologies and uses, primarily in the wearable and advertising spaces.

VynEL™ is extremely flexible and takes on the shape of nearly any object. It's bending properties are more similar to Vinyl than a light, hence the name, VynEL™. It's also the world's only "NO HEAT" lighting technology, which makes it safe to touch, and to use in wearable applications. Other great features about VynEL™ are:

  • Water Resistant Withstands Machine Washing
  • Durable Coating Shines in Extreme Temperatures
  • Heat Bond Directly To Fabrics & Textiles
  • Customizable To Nearly Any Shape Or Size
  • Full Color Logo Printing Available








Enar Vision

Our vision for VynEL™ is to have an integrated light to any product. From skateboards to activewear, technology has finally caught up to where it's possible to integrate light to anything.

Imagine a world where street lights were not needed, and everyone WAS their own illumination. Streets would be more beautiful, light pollution would be limited, pedestrians would be safer, and objects were easier to find, whether the sun was out or not. This future is all possible with VynEL™.

VynEL™ allows for integrated light into products of all kinds; fabrics & textiles, glass and windows, walls and doorways, consumer goods, sporting goods, safety wear, shoes, helmets and countless more. Welcome to the future of lighting.


Our Passion of lighting has been long standing since we were kids. Since then, we've been dreaming and hard at work inventing products that fill the void of personal illumination. Until now, there has never been a complete solution geared towards making light accessible to nearly any product. Our countless hours of research and development has brought the product we are proud to call a game changer in the lighting industry.
We will not stop until VynEL™ is incorporated into every industry from medical devices to active wear. Our goals are to work with businesses large and small to bring to life many different products using VynEL™. The custom nature of VynEL™ allows the product to be paired appropriately to each specific application using space age materials that is even appropriate for interstellar travel. Yes, you heard that correctly.
Our unique solution starts with the highest quality phosphors imported from Germany. From there, we use space age materials capable of withstanding extreme temperature ranges, which are even capable of providing light into the depths of space. Heat can be used to bond VynEL™ to fabrics or textiles, and VynEL­™ can even be printed directly to objects. Never has the world experienced the ability to add light to virtually everything.







VynEL™ derives from Electroluminescent Panels, but the applications, materials, feel, and purpose are vastly different. First, VynEL™ has the feel more of a common vinyl than a more rigid EL Panel. Next, because it can be applied through heat, sewing, or adhesvies, the material is able to form to various shapes and objects. This makes it great for numerous industries; sporting goods, advertising, safety, wearables, accent lighting, stage performances, and many more.





A World Of Product Possibilities



Think about the amazing innovation we as a society have done through light. From Times Square to automobiles, skyscrapers to bridges. The next insurgence of personal illumination is upon us. We welcome you to learn more about how VynEL™ can be incorporated in your next product.



VynEL™ can be used on anything from Space Suits to Leisure Suits.


Adding your company's branding to our app, means easily customized lighting solutions.


Awesome technology for awesome products. A perfect blend of safety and cool.
Features 01


VynEL™ can be integrated in nearly any product. Don't think about a light bulb, think about what's possible.


Works great in homes; kids rooms, bathrooms, game rooms and more.


Come with us and add light to the next great product, today.


Awesome Costumes

Lighting up costumes in the past has been difficult, due to the heavy, bulky nature of most light

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