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VynEL is a truly unique light that can allow integrated light into countless products. From sporting goods to active wear, street signs to window signs, VynEL brand light is beginning to change the way we think about light. 

Sporting Goods

In the past, lighting technologies have relied on bulky wiring, and lighting elements that were rigid, requiring unfortunate modifications to the product it was trying to illuminate. This made the product not able to function like its intended purpose and slow adoption of lighting into sporting goods to this date have been seen. Today, VynEL can be printed, applied, sewn, heat bonded and more to allow for fully integrated light into tents, snowboards, skateboards, bicycles, inflatables, bar games like Cornhole and ping pong (table tennis), football or bicycle helmets and much, much more. 

VynEL Motorcycle Suit


LED's have dominated the automotive industry for the past decade thanks to their long lasting, efficient and bright properties, but the future of automotive interior lighting can be VynEL. Integrate VynEL into seats, visors, armrests, or even on the outside of the car for advertising or tell the world you have a Lighted Uber Driver sign. The soft, even glow of VynEL provides a nice alternative to the insides of automotive applications, providing a futuristic look without affecting night vision. Because the VynEL takes less power per foot than even LED's, it is able to light up a car or motorcycle without straining the battery. 

Auto Concept Using VynEL

Outerwear & Activewear

VynEL is the first product that has truly allowed a blend of an age old problem with light. Blending safety lighting with a "cool" factor. Lighting in activewear has been a slow adoption because consumers are faced with a difficult choice. Either look good, or be safe. Many "safety" products on the market while they provide a safety lighting element or reflective element do not address a large problem with the majority of society. Consumers don't want to look like a construction worker just to work out, or be safe on a stroll around the block. Thankfully VynEL allows for a seamless blend between the two and allows consumers to not have to face that difficult choice. Today, safety lighting can be integrated into nearly any type of textiles for a fun, innovative approach that can be customized to nearly any design. Logo's, patterns, designs and more are all possible through the wonderful world of VynEL. 

VynEL Glow Suit


Window decals are great during the day, but they waste half of their advertising dollars by not being seen at night. VynEL provides a solution that allows advertisers to maximize their window space by integrating an even backlight no thicker than the current decal that is currently used. Shopping malls, pop up shops, taxi advertising and more, add integrated signs wherever you are with no residue peel and stick solutions.

Advertising with VynEL


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