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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is meant to address many of the questions surrounding the VynEL™ technology. If you have specific questions that are not addressed here, please contact

We classify VynEL as IP67, meaning it is water resistant or splash proof, similar to the iPhone 7. While we have done extensive testing in water, we do not recommend submerging for a long period of time, such as using in a pool or hot tub. However, we have tested VynEL successfully in washing machines on the delicate cycle.  We are continuing to improve the waterproofing capabilities and expect further waterproof ratings shortly.

LED's are awesome. The have provided the world with light for the past 2 decades and we have nothing bad to say about them. However in the world of wearable technology and even illumination, LED's fall a bit short. Because they are a pinpoint light source, LED's don't provide an aesthetic appeal in wearable applications. Not to mention LED's have a tendency to heat up, and require sometimes bulky wiring, VynEL can be more seamlessly integrated into many wearable devices.

EL Panels and EL Tape are essentially the same thing. Typically EL Tape is referred to with the addition of an adhesive strip applied to the back, thus giving the appearance and application of regular tape. Both EL Panels and EL Tape have a relatively rigid surface, although they can bend around pillars and wider objects. EL Tape typically has a bend diameter of about 20mm, whereas VynEL™ has a much smaller bend diameter, around 5mm. Because VynEL™ is much more flexible in nature, it can be used on textured walls, clothing and applications where you want the light to take the shape of other objects.

We have a full engineering and prototyping facility in Portland, Oregon capable of bringing your concept to life quickly. Our team of designers and engineers will help take care of the watts and circuits, freeing you from the lengthy knowledge gap and frustration from working overseas. We have multiple production facilities both in the USA and across Asia which allows even the largest projects to stay on track and on budget. 

Because VynEL can be used in countless applications, it's almost easier to talk about what it can't do. In short, VynEL is capable of providing light to almost anything you can imagine, however it like everything, it does have it's limits. The technology derives from Electroluminescent technology and Phosphor does have a maximum brightness. Electroluminescent (EL) technology is not able to get bright enough to compete with other brighter lights like the sun and automotive headlights. Instead, it should be used as an accent where the glow is INTENDED to be SEEN, rather than many other lights on the market which are intended to be cast. 

Similar to EL Panel technology, VynEL can be sequenced. We do this at the factory level to create micro grids to send power to various parts of the material.

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