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Costume Lighting for Cosplay

Lighting up costumes in the past has been difficult, due to the heavy, bulky nature of most lighting products. Costume designers and cosplay designers previously needed many lessons to find the restraints of each product and how to successfully incorporate lighting into designs. In addition, many lighting products give off massive amounts of heat, so it's dangerous for the user to touch, or even have close to their body. Finding areas that can be set away from the body to prevent burns or shocks was important in order to protect the user from unpleasant or even dangerous experiences. 

With VynEL™, many of these problems have been solved. With the sealed nature of the product, it makes it safe to put directly on the body even, so users don't have to worry about shocks and burns. Because the product forms to fabrics, materials, contours and more, finding a place for light has never been easier.


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